What does COLT mean?

In the ranching world, a colt is a young horse, often spirited and feisty. Here in Cochrane, COLT: Cochrane On-Demand Local Transit is a bold new way to deliver transit, designed specifically for our community. COLT uses technology to provide responsive on-demand service — where and when Cochranites want it.

COLT’s dynamic logo acknowledges our past while riding into the future. The strong, vibrant colours and clean, modern typography make COLT recognizable from down the hill or up the street.

Frequently Asked Questions about COLT: Cochrane On-Demand Local Transit

COLT: Cochrane On-Demand Local Transit is launching on Monday, October 7, 2019, at 10am.

It will start with a pilot (free!) launch to make sure the technology is operating at optimum efficiency.

On January 1, 2020, full paid service will begin.

COLT: Cochrane On-Demand Local Transit launches October 7 and will be free to ride for the rest of 2019.

Council approved the proposed fares in the bylaw which come into effect January 1, 2020:

  • $2.50: single one-way ticket
  • $20: book of 10 tickets
  • $50: adult monthly pass
  • $30: senior monthly pass
  • $25: student monthly pass
  • Kids under 5 ride free.

When you know you’ll want a ride on COLT, you can use the website, mobile app
or call COLT directly to request a bus at a specific stop at a specific day and time (during service hours).

Buses can be requested up to a week in advance, or just minutes in advance.

The Ride COLT app is available on Google Play and the Apple store.


You can use the BOOK A RIDE button on this website or call 403-851-5995.

To start COLT will use 4 temporary buses, but in 2020 COLT will have all eight of it’s low-floor, 21-seat buses.

COLT has 152 unique bus stops in Cochrane. As the system is used, stops may be
moved or added.

All COLT bus stops are listed on the website and app. Visit this page for more information.

COLT will operate Monday to Friday from 6am-8pm and Saturdays from 9am-3pm.
There is no service on Sundays.

Yes, COLT buses are fully accessible; there is one wheelchair spot on each bus.
And if you have an attendant, they ride free.

Yes, you can bring your child in a stroller onto a COLT bus. A child can remain in their stroller if the wheelchair space is available and the bus is not at capacity, otherwise the child must be removed from their stroller and the stroller must be folded. If a child is to remain in their stroller, the stroller will be positioned in the wheelchair space with the wheels locked and aligned the same direction as the buses wheels.

You know your kids best; they can ride alone at your discretion.

No, COLT does not have enough vehicles to replace school buses. COLT serves the entire community and is a great way to get to before and after-school activities, your part-time job or occasional appointment.

Starting late January – early February 2020 you will be able to take your bike on the bus. Each bus will have space for two bikes, and when booking a ride you will reserve a space for your bike.

Yes, you can take sports equipment on the bus.

No, pets are not permitted on COLT buses. Service animals are an exception.

The Town negotiated a contract with Southland Transportation to operate the COLT
transit system.

COLT is starting as a local system in Cochrane only. The Town is exploring Calgary and regional destinations starting mid-2020, which will be integrated into the COLT service.

COLT is starting as a local system in Cochrane only. The Calgary Crowfoot or Brentwood LRT stations are currently being explored as potential regional destinations starting mid-2020, which will be integrated into the COLT service.

The Town received $6 million in provincial GreenTRIP funding for buses, the transit
hub and bus stops.

COLT’s annual net operating cost is $551,812. The works out to $3.82 per month, per
household and is part of the 2019 property tax amount approved by Council in the
2019 budget.

The Town of Cochrane has an approved Transit Bylaw that outlines the terms of service (rules and penalties) for COLT.

To ensure that all our customers have the opportunity to book their rides, starting Friday November 29, 2019, we are assessing and suspending COLT accounts based on:

  • High no shows rate (failing to board the bus without prior cancellation) – 3 or more no shows out of 10 booked rides; and/or
  • High late cancellation rate – 25% or more trips out of 10 cancelled within 5 hours of the scheduled trip time.

We understand your plans may change and we appreciate when you cancel your trip in advance rather than no show. The suspension program is meant to address account holders who show a pattern of late cancellation or no show — this behaviour unfairly reduces the level of service we can provide to other COLT riders.

We will be assessing accounts on a ongoing basis; if you fall within this suspension threshold you will be contacted directly to outline the terms and conditions of your suspension and how you can apply to have the suspension removed. If the problem of no shows and/or late cancellations persists, and the behaviour is deemed to be interfering with COLT service, then Transit Bylaw 22/2019 will be enforced.